Medical Based Reflexology Training Revolutionizes the Industry 

What is the Manzanares Method of Reflexology™? 

It is the only science-based reflexology training course in the U.S. that is developed and personally taught to reflexologists and health professionals by a medical doctor. 

Dr. Jesus Manzanares, M.D. is a world-renowned authority and pioneer in the field of reflexology research. He has devoted the past thirty years to reflexology research to establish the scientific foundation for reflexology as taught in this advanced clinical reflexology education.   

Why is this professional training fundamental for every reflexologist?

Dr. Manzanares firmly believes that this advanced reflexology course is fundamental for all reflexology practitioners and healthcare providers of reflexology.

To gain a deeper understanding of the therapeutic and clinical application of reflexology requires in-depth education beyond basic reflexology training. It requires knowledge of sound neuro-physiological principles and science-based theory.  

Reflexology’s increasing role within contemporary healthcare has widened the opportunities for professional reflexologists. The growth of reflexology in integrative medicine has created a demand for professionals with higher levels of training. Traditional reflexology education can be insufficient to equip practitioners to meet this demand. This course helps to serve that purpose and bridge the gap.

The Manzanares Method of Reflexology™ continuing education course is open to all reflexologists, massage therapists, bodyworkers, health professionals and educators interested in developing expertise in the field of reflexology. 

 Participation in this course can help you:

  • Expand your knowledge of clinical applications for reflexology with specific protocols for major health conditions   
  • Advance your palpation and evaluation skills by understanding how to locate and affect tissue 'deposits' when applying reflexology techniques
  • Attain efficient results and improve client retention with new skills that can be immediately integrated with existing modalities 
  • Discover the reflexology techniques used by Dr. Manzanares in his research and in private practice
  • Experience hands-on instruction and Dr. Manzanares' personal touch on each student
  • Gain confidence with a sound anatomical understanding of how reflexology works from a scientific basis. Finally get answers to your long-standing questions. 
  • Learn how Dr. Manzanares' method of 30 years allows a longer career with optimum hand and finger mechanics that are therapist-friendly and effective
  • Transform your career with reflexology research that puts you on the cutting edge of your profession

“Dr. Manzanares’ method of Reflexology has completely influenced my life due to it's effect on my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have managed with this style of Reflexology and essential oils to keep my R.A. in submission/remission for almost two years now… completely pain-free.  I love his work as I do feel it is more defined compared to anything I have ever tried.”   

Ann Hauer, Reflexologist, Michigan 

The Story of Dr. Manzanares ...

In 1980, as a young medical student, Dr. Manzanares began his investigation into the field of Reflexology. He was self-taught to avoid being influenced by others and to remain as objective as possible in his research. Today, his expertise in reflexology research over the past 30 years is exactly what is needed to usher in a new era for science-based academic programs in reflexology.       

His contributions to reflexology has impacted education and opens doors for acceptance of reflexology by the medical profession. As a Health Services consultant on alternative medicine in Catalonia, Dr. Manzanares coordinated and taught a reflexology training program that was approved by doctors and funded by the Catalonia government and the European Community (EC). The goal was to teach reflexology techniques to professionals outside of medicine and allow graduates to work in collaboration with doctors before going into private practice.

Dr. Manzanares first learned about reflexology the year before he entered college. His grandmother suffered from a chronic rheumatic condition and due to over medicating, she developed a gastric ulcer. She began reflexology treatments for pain relief and after a series of treatments, she improved and no longer had a rheumatic problem. The technique caught his interest and he began to probe, discovering the lack of defined anatomical maps and many contradictions. This began his research into the science of reflexology.     

He presents his investigations and research around the globe through lectures and presentations to foster recognition of reflexology as a science as he continues his commitment to research. 

He travels to the U.S. to teach his course, The Manzanares Method of Reflexology for practitioners of reflexology and health professionals.  His ground-breaking medical studies lay a foundation for reflexology practitioners that is fundamental to understanding the neuro-physiology of reflexology.  

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