Jesus Manzanares, MD

  • Medical School, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Homeopathy, CEDH Paris
  • Author: Principles of Reflexology I and II, Reflexology Notebook Research and Reflexology Notes 

Dr. Manzanares was born in Barcelona and graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1982. He resides in Barcelona and specializes in family medicine, integrating homeopathy and reflexology with conventional medicine.  

His reflexology research in neuro-physiology at University Hospital Vall D’Hebron and Hospital Sagrado Corazon, Barcelona spans 3 decades and documentation of 70,000 clinical cases. As a former complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) consultant for the Catalonia government, Dr. Manzanares is responsible for having reflexology integrated into the social medicine program of Catalonia.

Dr. Manzanares' career is divided between medical care, teaching and lecturing. Traveling to the U.S. numerous times a year, he teaches his continuing education course, “The Manzanares MethodTM and Science of Reflexology”, which is based on his research principles and methods.

Research in the field of reflexology began for Dr. Manzanares with a focus on three primary goals that he accomplished: to explain the neuro-physiological basis (the nervous system pathways for reflexology); to determine specific anatomical location of the reflex areas of the feet (developing precision mapping of the foot-to-body connection over 27 years on 70,000 clinical cases); and finally, to establish reflexology protocols for pathologies.

Further research includes biopsy studies to determine the characteristics of the tissue in the feet for areas referred to as ‘deposits’; crossed reflex representation in the feet to bring precision and correction to the Fitzgerald zone theory, research using reflexology for ADHD and research concluding the beneficial effects of reflexology for hypertension.  

In his book, Principles of Reflexology, Dr. Manzanares diagrams his investigations in elaborate detail, illustrates the reticular core of the brain stem as the common pathway from the feet to internal organs of the autonomic nervous system and charts his reflexology protocols with dosaging of pressure, duration and frequency.    

Dr. Manzanares encourages professional reflexologists to go beyond thinking as a theologian and to think like scientists and researchers, in order to move into the future of integrative healthcare. He believes that the science-based principles he teaches are fundamental to reflexology education for all who pursue this healing art and science. 


  • 13th Biennial Conference of International Council of Reflexology, Portugal
  • European Conference of Reflexology, Odense and Luxembourg
  • II Conferencia Latinoamericana de Reflexologia, Lima (Peru) 2012
  • III Conferencia Latinoamericana de Reflexologia, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2014
  • Reflexology Association of America Concerence, RI, USA 
  • Conference of Aesthetic Medicine Sorel, Barcelona 
  • Conference of International Council of Reflexology, Jamaica, and California 
  • Seminars taught in Switzerland, London, Spain and USA


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Presentation Topics

Research: Reflexology for Hypertension
Research: Biopsy of Foot Deposits Validating the Role of the Nervous System
Research: Crossed Lateral Representation in Feet: Precision and Correction to Fitzgerald Theory
Research: Reflexology for ADHD/Learning Disability
Research: Reflexology for Osteoporosis